Red Acaia

Red Acaia

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Origin - Mantiqueira de Minas Mountains, Miras Gerais Region, Brazil


Farm - Fazenda Rio Verde

Altitude - 1300masl

Varietal - Red Acaia

Process - Natural

Tasting note Milk Chocolate, Plum, Jasmine


Ipanema bought their first farm, Fazenda Capoeirinha, in 1969. Since then, Ipanema have bought two more farms, one of which is Fazenda Rio Verde. The farm is surrounded by rainforests and boasts its own waterfall. These elements all combine to create a medium height altitude that is just wonderful for coffee trees. At the farm’s highest altitude we find Red Acaia tree steadily maturing. This slower paced growing season at higher altitude produces strong trees known for producing consistently high quality cherries. All stages of growing, harvesting and processing are managed in-house by Ipanema.