Finca Serbia

Finca Serbia

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Origin - Santa Ana, El Salvador

Altitude - 1450 masl

Varietal - Red Bourbon, Catimor, Caturra

Producer -  Cuzcachapa Co-Op de RL

Process - Washed

Recommended Brew - Cafetiere


El Salvador is country built on top of twenty three volcanoes. Fortunately, that gives us two things that arabica trees love - altitude and ericaceous (acidic) soils. Alas, back in 2014, a Roya outbreak devastated nearly 80% of El Salvador’s arabica trees. Once the disease had been localised and treated, El Salvador’s cafetaleros moved higher into the mountains where new, disease resistant Red Bourbon trees were planted.

The Cuzachapa Co-Op, who manage Finca Serbia (Serbia Farm), is situated roughly 3km outside of Santa Ana. Along with new, disease resistant Bourbon trees, the Co-Op is also growing Catimor and Caturra trees - new trees and new varietals are promised for the future. The Co-Op harvests and processes it’s own coffee through their washing station. The Co-Op also holds a Fair Trade license and works closely with many social project in the surrounding area.

In the cup you can expect red apples and macadamia nuts.