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Gakuyu-ini Coop

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Gakuyu-ini coop 

Origin : Tambaya, Nyeri, Kirinyaga East District

Varietal : SL28

Process : Washed

Altitude : 1700-1950 masl

Taste Notes: Caramel, Strawberry, Lime

The Thirikwa Farmers planted their first coffee trees in I952. A few seasons later, the same farmers banded together to form the Gakuyu-Ini Co-op. Today, the co-op has one wet mill, (Gakuyu-ini is a Kenyan word for wet mill*), located within Tambaya, Nyeri on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya. The main varietals grown by the co-op are SL28 SL34 and some Ruiru11.
The co-op has a membership of over 1800 farmers and is managed by an elected board of 5 members drawn from 5 different wards - Mukure, Wakaboro, Gituba, Gacigoini and Githiru. The co-op is headed by a secretary manager who oversees the day to day running of the co-op under the supervision of the board. It also falls to the board members to offer assurances of quality control and good practice.
As with the vast majority of Kenyan coffee, the co-op offer their coffee for sale through the Nairobi auction houses with shipment heading out from the port of Mombasa.

*Kenya is home to many languages, so Gakuyu-Ini is likely to be only one translation of ‘wet mill’.