With our in-store micro Roastery we aim to bring you the best, most consistent & freshest coffee around.

We work closely with our green coffee import partners to maintain the best quality and ensure the most ethical practices from the farm the coffee cherries grew on, all the way to the coffee being ground to order for your cup.

What makes us different from other coffee businesses:

  • We know our supply chain by names not numbers
  • Using small-batch, hand-production methods
  • Roasting up-to five days out of seven
  • Taking the care and attention to make sure that every one of our roasts is just how we intended
  • Giving enough time for the coffee to rest but still be at it's best for you to enjoy
  • Having the knowledge available to share with you about where your coffee has come from and the journey it has taken 

We have open public cuppings & tastings, check out the events page for information about the next ones (or if you would like to organise a private event Contact us)

All of our great coffees and awesome brew kit are available to buy online and get delivered right to your door / office / wherever really...

Are you looking for wholesale supply information?