Hope Street Blend

Hope Street Blend

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Blend - Finca Serbia/ Ipanema Red Acaia/ Awash River

Processes - Washed/Natural

Tasting notes - Salted Caramel, Dark Chocolate, Praline

Recommended Brew - Espresso

Where to start with Hope Street Espresso. Well, Hope Street would probably be the best place - that’s where we started with our original 2.5kg roaster, Molly. We didn’t call our house espresso Hope Street straight away, we played around with all kinds of titles before we decided to name our house brew after the street that started it all for us.

Name chosen, we blended, and cupped, and sampled, and re-blended and re-cupped and re-sampled over and over until we had something that we thought was… well, good. But, we’re never happy with ‘good’. So we went back and started again, three more times, before we had something that we thought was ‘YES’.

Hope Street Espresso looks forward to the new generation of espresso. The cup is full of tropical fruits, dark berries and citrus notes, underpinned by a rich chocolate and caramel foundation. Bright and lively on its own, moreish with milk.