The World's First Fully Recyclable Takeaway Cup

Posted by Jack Birkett on

Frugalpac is a British-based company, paving the way within the catering industry with the world's first fully recyclable takeaway cup, the Frugal Cup.

2.5 billion takeaway cups are used each year, with only 1 in 400 being recycled responsibly. Many suppliers and businesses are moving towards the use of compostable takeaway cups, but are these really a suitable alternative? The biodegrading of a compostable cup requires heat. A compostable cup sent to landfill, without heat, is just as good as a standard takeaway cup and will not break down in the required time. According to a representative from British waste disposal group, Veolia, most biodegradable plastic alternatives are either screened out at the sorting process, or do not break down in the required 12-week period that is used to define waste as biodegradable. Only starch-based biodegradable food bags and a small proportion of biodegradable cups manage to get to the designated composting plants. 

The Frugal Cup directly combats this growing issue by providing a unit that is not only made of recycled materials, but can be easily recycled as part of the mainstream waste process. The cup consists of three main components; a cardboard shell made from recycled paper, a PE inner, and a lid also made from recycled paper. The PE inner not only stops the paper coming into contact with the contents of the cup, which would make it impossible to recycle, but it is also incredibly easy to remove at standard household waste disposal sites. This means that both the shell and inner of the cup can be separated and sent to the correct recycling areas, giving waste disposal companies no excuse to send it to landfill. 

We'll be trialing these across all of our stores, and your feedback is essential. This is a big step in the coffee industry, and for as long as the fully recyclable takeaway cup is a relatively new innovation, we need to make sure that it fits our needs and is practical for you, the consumer. 


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